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Contact: Billy & Deanna FaubusPO Box 102604 N Hwy 69Huxley IA 50124Phone: 515-597-8256


I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED BARBECUE. I GREW UP IN OKLAHOMA AND ARKANSAS AND I CHERISH THE MEMORY OF THAT BACKYARD AROMA WHICH MEANT SOMETHING WAS COOKIN’. In my life, I have been influenced by a variety of different regional styles and flavors of BBQ. They range from Texas- beef brisket, KC-pork and chicken, Oklahoma- beef brisket and bologna, Arkansas- pork and lots of chicken. Combining all 4 influences with my passion to create the food that I love and to hear people say “oh my – this rocks” is what really drives me to make good BBQ. I am also fortunate to have friends and family who have taste tested the food that I cook. I have listened to the compliments and criticisms of what they had to say, it has been an important part of the journey.
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Email us at : 4ballardbusiness@gmail.com

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